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That Time of Year

Each year the end of March heralds a short visit of ephemeral beauty. That's when the magnolias in my neighborhood bloom. I promised myself that one day I shall plant one in my garden. It's the closest one can get to actually possessing something as wonderful. Not that that's very close. There's no way to keep the flowers other than by leaving them on the tree, and then it's very much up to the fickle March weather how they fare. The magnolias started blooming here a week ago in a positively balmy 15ºC, but today a cold snap with hail and snow cut my happiness short. Many gardens are now covered with lilac petals that are quickly turning a dull brown. Still, I want a magnolia.

I'm amazed it's that season again. Last time was like yesterday, except that I've grown one year older, grumpier and frailer. But then as compensation for my own decay, each year my magnolia would reward me with increasingly generous gifts of beauty. Makes one look forward to old age.

Now, where do you buy these things?

Tuesday 18 October 2011